June's Bringing It


Happy June! Now that we've cleaned the grill and kicked off the first holiday weekend, it's time to truly dive into summer. This month is going to pack some heat and we want to make sure you're ready for it. From icy cool and breezy fresh soaps, to refreshing aromatic sprays, to getting your skin ready for swimsuit weather - let's get splashing!

Summer Seasonal Soaps

As the weather heats up, maybe you're thinking about cooling off? Our chill and tingly new summer soap scents would love to join you in the shower -- Rosemary Mint & Cucumber, or Neroli Mint. Or one of our new detoxifying, deep cleansing duo - Sea Salt, or Deep Detox. They are here for just a few short months and you won't want to miss this season's summer inspired scents.


Breakfast Soap - Perk Up for Summer!

You know those high-priced coffee ground body scrubs that are all the rage? Do you know why they are so popular? Because it turns out, coffee on your skin is a really good thing. The key to beautiful skin is EXFOLIATION. Here's just 7 reasons why getting a good scrub makes a big difference:

1. Improved texture - Removing old dead skin cells, dry flakes and rough spots makes your skin silky smooth.

2. Closer Shave - Even texture helps you get that perfect shave with no knicks.

3. Get a better fake tan - The key to a an even glow is exfoliating the dead skin off first. Voila, no weird dark orange blotches.

4. Fights signs of aging - As we get older, our skin’s natural ability to shed dead skin cells slows down. Dead, dull skin cells make fine lines, wrinkles and dryness stand out even more.

5. Help prevent breakouts - Prevent bumps by keeping pores clean and clear, removing dead flakes which can trap oil beneath the surface.

6. Even out skin tone - Removing older layers of skin reveals brighter, new, glowing skin hiding underneath.

7. Help skin care products penetrate deeper - Make the most of your pricey potions by slathering them on smooth, fresh skin where it can soak in deeper, instead of languishing on layers of dead skin.

It's the start of summer and our pale, scratchy, winter legs are ready to shed their sweat pants and get prime time. Looks like exfoliation, shaving, plus a little bronzer are all on the menu. We've got a perfect way to get summer ready skin in one easy step - our Breakfast Soap is your coffee scrub in a soap bar! Why is this genius? You don't have to pay extra for expensive scrubs, or spend half the day scrubbing yourself and then cleaning up the junk all over the bathroom, and you can do it every day while showering and/or shaving - total time saver!


Cucumber Lemon & Thyme Spray

Way, way back - 2001 to be exact, because I keep notes - I made a seasonal spray of Cucumber, Lemon and Thyme scent. I had played around with the fragrance and become kind of personally obsessed with it. I was pretty sure that it wouldn't be a popular hit, just because thyme is an herb that is a little quirky and strong. But I decided to put it out there as a seasonal scent and see what everyone else thought. Honestly, I don't remember the feedback. But I have to believe it wasn't all that hot because I didn't continue it or make it again another season.

However, one of my sweetest fans requested it on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, and then a few other people chimed in wanting to try it. So just for a lark, I am adding it back to the Aromatic Sprays menu. Let's see what happens. It's super fresh - with all the right things for summer: crisp, light, fresh with the cucumber, tart lemon and that little bit of herbal thyme to bring it all together. I forgot how much I loved it. I'm spritzing everything, myself included. (4 oz bottle, $6)

Summer camp, fireflies, nights full of stars, cannon-balling in the pool, and icy cocktails - just a few of my summer favorite things. What's on your bucket list this year? Last one in is a rotten egg!