July News & Free Shipping


Hi-dee-ho soap peeps!

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” - direct quote, Statue of Liberty. One thing I know for sure is that huddled masses are usually sweaty, smelly and definitely yearning to breathe free. A pretty smelling soap can go a long way towards making everyone happy - especially during the heat of summer at crowded beaches, parties, concerts and festivals. Don't worry, we've got your back (and armpits).

I'll make this super brief - a highlight of what's up this summer in Soapworks Studio world. It's hot here, the pool is marvelous, and we're having a sale. Pssst, there's a FREE SHIPPING coupon down below. You're welcome.


For a limited time, we're featuring 4 new summery soap scents that are crisp, cool and refreshing: Deep Detox, Neroli Mint, Sea Salt, or Rosemary Mint & Cucumber.If you haven't had a chance to check these out, there's only another couple of months before the fall menu takes over with it's pumpkins, cranberries & spice scents.

Need a fresh pick-me-up? Or a maybe a cover-up for those summer stinkies? Try our newest Cucumber Lemon Thyme spray. Or one of our summer stand-bys: Beach House or Coconut Lemon. Extra points if you keep it in the fridge for a super chillax treat.



Want to look your best while showing a little more skin this summer? You might want to give dry brushing a try. Bottom line: it’s taking a few minutes in the shower BEFORE turning on the water, to exfoliate with a dry skin brush. There are too many benefits to describe here, but I've written them all up on the website. Learn more HERE.

We’ve got the shorter handled brushes back in stock. Plus there are two different styles of long handled brushes. All of them are AH-MAZING! Thank me later. You’ll look and feel so good. Shop for them HERE.


Since we're all prioritizing FREEDOM this month - let's do a little free shipping. Free, free, FREE from the stupid high price of shipping stuff. At least for the first week of July. No minimums, no rules, just free to be you and me. Type FREEDOM in the coupon box during checkout to zero out your shipping charges. Starts now. Ends midnight Sunday, July 7th. Stock up now for summer while I'm paying all the postage. Now head out and get your holiday celebrations on already!!

We are SO on board with the pursuit of happiness (and cleanliness) for all people. Waving my sparklers . .