Sunshine on my shoulders. Summer 2019.

Orange Bus.jpg

When I was a kiddo, our family had a beautiful orange VW camper van that we loaded up with Mom, Dad, 3 kids, 2 dogs and mounds of camping gear, taking month long road trips around the US in the summer. My July birthday was never at home, always in some strange new place, a make-shift party with a store bought cake and a picnic table.

 Summer meant time off, exploring the world, tons of family time, great fun and adventure. To be fair, it was lots of icky campground bathrooms too, washing dishes in freezing cold water, aching for fresh laundry, and sometimes needing a little more space in the back seat smashed up against a dog. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We visited almost every state in the country and when summer rolls around, I still jones for a long road trip.

 Summer brings out the kid in us like no other. There just seems to be more time. Time to play, time to just relax, have fun, chill with people you enjoy. Summer is a wide open road of freedom, feet on the dash, tunes blasting, wind in your hair. 


Cool, refreshing, and light - that’s what you’re looking for on a hot summer day. We wanted to make your summer splashing fresh and fun, so we’ve come up with a few new soap scents that you can’t live without. These unique soaps are only available for the next few months and are made in limited production. ($4.50 each)

DEEP DETOX – A deeply cleansing soap bar utilizing French green clay and activated charcoal. These ingredients work synergistically to pull toxins from deep within skin’s pores, drawing them to the surface and releasing any impurities or bacteria. Antimicrobial essential oils of litsea lemon, eucalyptus and oregano, give this soap a fresh, citrus/herbal scent. The essential oils blend into something unique and captivating – lemony at first, sliding into kitchen herb garden, much like a fresh lemon verbena. This makes a great facial bar, especially for breakout skin, but it’s wonderful for all over too. One extra note: this is a midnight black soap bar (from the charcoal) so lather will appear dark or grey. It will not stain your tub, sink or skin, just rinse well. (100% natural)

SEA SALT - This soap is loaded with mineral rich sea salt, which has all kinds of beautiful benefits. Sea salt exfoliates skin, in a soothing, silky way, gently dissolving old cells without scrubbing. It helps to detox skin by drawing out impurities and excess water, which reduces inflammation, helping to relieve skin issues. The primary minerals of magnesium, potassium, iodine, calcium and zinc are absorbed through your skin, improving texture and aiding in balancing oils and hydration. But the scent might be the best part. It’s a bracing, salty, sea breeze – super clean, very marine-like and the best ocean type scent I have ever (really EVER) found. It’s almost hypnotic, it’s so mesmerizing.

NEROLI MINT – I made this one for myself, just to hoard for personal use. It’s an homage to my beautiful new Cali house, which in late spring is absolutely divine with the scent of orange blossoms (neroli). My yard has a huge Navel orange tree, some lemon trees, limes, and blood oranges too. The scent of citrus blossoms is what heaven must smell like. I blended this with just a bit of peppermint, to give it a touch of coolness, like the icy freshness of the pool this time of year, ha ha. I thought it would work really nicely together, and not be so heavy and single-note floral. It turned out so perfectly that it’s my new fave scent this season and I thought I should share it. (No color -100% natural)

ROSEMARY, MINT & CUCUMBER – This is last year’s top summer soap making a repeat appearance. It’s a combo of icy cool mint, crisp cucumber, and herbal rosemary – so very light, fresh and natural. This scent of garden greens and soft herbs with a zing of peppermint is refreshing and chill, the ultimate bar of soap for a hot summer day. It’s a soft shade of olive green, colored with natural nettle powder.



 Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I think just about every Mom could use a little treat for herself and some quiet time, especially after taking care of everyone else all day every day. A soak in a quiet bath maybe? A little pampering pile of goodies just for her? We’ve got lots of gift ideas under our “GIFTS” tab on the website – from single bars of soap in cute bags to gift baskets stuffed with indulgences. Plus we’re happy to customize anything too – just give us a holler. But don’t wait around ‘til the last minute! Because there’s no such thing as a “Belated Mother’s Day.”

 Summer is here. Take the plunge! Tans fade. Memories don’t.