What's Fresh for April



Happy Spring - we're so happy to see you again!

April showers bring May flowers—and that's exactly how April got its name. It's derived from the verb "aperire," which means "to open," since April marks the start of the "opening" (or blooming) of beautiful trees and flowers, at least in the northern hemisphere. Everywhere you look there are buds and blossoms, little sprigs of bright green leaves opening - new life and a breath of fresh air. Spring is the most welcome season of all. I'm heading outside to jump in it!


There are so many spring events where you need a little special something: Mother's Day, Graduation, Father's Day, showers and birthdays. Dress up your soap gift with a pretty box!

We've added these pretty little floral boxes which gussy up one bar of soap plus a cotton soap mitt. And we also have some new adorable polka-dot french fry boxes which hold one bar of soap plus a cotton soap sack. You choose your color and your fave soap scent. It's the perfect little item for any occasion.



We are stirring and sniffing, creating a few new summer soap scents for May. But that doesn't mean you should wait untill the last minute to grab one of our lovely spring scented lovelies. Grab your little pile of flower power before the tulips have faded and it's time to start mowing the lawn.

Prancing in the posies,