Summertime 2018

Hello Friends!


You know how when you’re at the tail end of winter and you’re waiting so desperately for spring to arrive? You’re staring out the rain-splattered window every hour looking for any sign at all from Mother Nature. A tiny bud, a teeny sprig that wasn’t there yesterday, anything at all that says yes, finally, spring has sprung into action. Well, the start of summer is a totally different thing entirely. 

Instead of watching the weather, we are breathlessly counting down the days to that big, red “X” on the calendar that kicks off the new season. Memorial Day, the Last Day of School, and vacation schedules define when we can begin our summer fun and adventure.

As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise higher, the anticipation builds too. Summer’s endless sunshine, longer days, and wide-open spaces give us time to play. We race outside, shedding our clothes and inside voices, piling on as many bbqs, beach days, games and amusements as we can so we don’t miss a minute of this precious time. Kids dream about summer all year long. And honestly, once summer arrives, we’re allkids again. 


Cool, refreshing, and light - that’s what you’re looking for on a hot summer day. We wanted to make your summer splashing fresh and fun, so we’ve come up with a few new soap scents that you can’t live without. These unique soaps are only available for the next few months and are made in limited production.  ($4.50 each)

Ocean Mist & Sea Grass – A slightly different take on the Beach House soap I’ve made for years – this is the same ocean scent with an herbal grassy element. A dreamy blend of salty ocean air and sea grass warmed by the sun - this scent is clean and light as a breeze.  With a Zen-like calm, its soothing marine fragrance and beautiful sea glass color transports you to the beach on a perfect summer afternoon. 

Rosemary Mint & Cucumber – This blend of icy cool mint, crisp cucumber, and herbal rosemary is light and fresh. Garden greens and soft herbs with a zing of peppermint is refreshing and chill – the ultimate bar for a hot summer day.

Sun-Ripened Strawberry – Strawberry shortcakes, strawberry lemonade, summer isn’t summer without sun-ripened strawberries. This juicy pink soap is pure berry deliciousness. Not artificial or syrupy, it’s smells exactly like a bowl of just-picked sweet, wild strawberries. Dive in!

Pineapple Ginger – A delightful mélange of tropical fruits is infused with soft jasmine petals, sweet coconut and fresh ginger in this addictive scent blend. It smells like a creamy fruity cocktail, minus the paper umbrella. I can’t think of anything else I’d like to add to my summer showers (except maybe a cute pool boy, wink).



Our super popular mini soap sets are back in stock – and with a new combo of scents for summer! Helping Hands Soaps are sets of mini 2 oz bars in 5 different scents, a sampler of our very best selling soaps. A portion of the proceeds are donated, the world’s first (and largest) person-to-person micro lending group. These funds go directly to individual entrepreneurs, other women with small business, needing a helping hand to make their work sustainable for themselves and the families they support. It takes so little to offer a step up for others following in the same path in places where the struggle is a lot harder. These loans are continuously re-loaned as soon as they are paid back, becoming a growing fund of opportunities for women all over the planet.

Stacked up and tied with bakery twine, it’s a sweet little package with scents of: (top to bottom): Oatmeal & Goat Milk (tan), French Lavender (purple), Lavender Lemongrass (yellow), Ocean Mist & Sea Grass (blue), Vanilla Bean & Honey (brown). It’s a great way to sample several of our best, but these also make perfect small gifts for any occasion.

Cleaning up not only does a body good, it makes a difference in people’s lives too.


A small tweak to the Dead Sea Bath Salts: new bottles! Same scents, same quantity and amount in each bottle (16 oz), and same price ($8.00 ea). We’re still using plastic bottles – for safety in the bathroom - but the new version is just a tad shorter and wider with a trendy, and I think much more attractive, silver metal cap. There is such a high content of minerals in these salts, all of which are immensely beneficial to your skin and health, but that makes the container more important. The caps are lined so the salts inside can be kept at their best. And honestly, they are cute! Just check out the new photos.



Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Sometimes moms could use a little treat for themselves, maybe after they clean up the kitchen from the kiddos pancake making for breakfast in bed. A soak in a quiet bath maybe? We’ve got lots of gift ideas under our “GIFTS” tab on the website – from single bars of soap in cute bags to much larger combos of items. And we’re happy to customize anything too – just give us a holler. But don’t wait around til the last minute! Because there’s no such thing as a “Belated Mother’s Day.”

Are you doing what I’m doing? Dreaming of sweet, sweet, summer. Making lists: day trips, books to read, concerts, festivals. Cleaning the grill. Searching for the world’s best floatie and fluffiest beach towel. Gotta get everything ready so I’m off to the races the minute the clock strikes “summer.”