Missed you in Anacortes this year!

It’s Anacortes Arts Festival this weekend.

And I'm not going to be there. Poo! If you've just joined the party (fashionably late, I might add), I've moved from Seattle to Sacramento. I'm now hanging by the pool in my little casa in California. It's been pretty good here, but I'm going to be missing you all madly this weekend. Anacortes was one of my biggest, best and most favorite shows each year. 

If you searched for me, looking to stock up again this year, I am so very sorry that my tent wasn't in it's usual spot. I would still like to have your business, even if it means shipping them instead. I will have a "free shipping" coupon code all weekend long during the festival. Please stop by and stock up!! Just type MISSYOU in the coupon code box when you check out and it will automatically deduct your shipping charges. Starts Friday morning (6am) through Sunday evening (10pm). Hoping to still be your favorite soap!!