The Hides of March


The Hides of March . . .
Need pampering.  A long, cold spell of winter weather has left us with dry, crackling and itchy skin.  Mine feels like animal hide right about now. Outdoors is wet and snowy (even in Rome!) but the air inside, which frankly is where we're settled in all comfy by the fire, is extra dry. Heaters, furnaces, radiators and that heavenly fireplace zap all the moisture from the air, not only drying out our skin, but giving us static-y hair too. Step outside in those chapping winds and cold blasts and it's a double whammy.

What can you do? Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Lather on the moisturizer like crazy. And use skin products that also don't dry you out. Like the best possible soap in the shower with extra shea butter in it. I happen to have just that - in all your favorite scents, plus a few new happy spring-type scents: Grapefruit Orchid, Jasmine Lemon. The Lavender Orange Goat Milk Soap is perfect for this type of weather. Extra moisturizing and creamy, the goat milk soothes away the rough patches, redness, sensitivity and any inflammation you might be experiencing. 

Hands and feet might need even more pampering and we've got you covered there too. Dip into a tin of the Shea Butter Balm for all day, every day moisturizing. Or the Healing Salve for even more healing power. Both of these balms will give you the extra edge, moisturizing through multiple layers of skin, and holding it there longer. The beeswax barrier protects skin from the elements at the same time it locks in your skin's own natural moisture. A little slather before bedtime can make all the difference, renewing and healing all night long so you're ready to face a new day.

One new item this month: I've gotten several requests for Anise Soap, so I've made a smaller size batch for all you licorice lovers. These are available now, but are temporary and won't be in stock for long.  Don't delay! ($4.50 each. 100% natural ingredients)

Take care of yourselves as we get through this end-of-winter rough patch. Spring is on the way, and we're one month closer.

March onward . . .