Who's Ready for Spring? I Am!


Have you felt like a hibernating bear this past month? Me too! Once the frantic rush of all the holiday-ing is over, January is a time of rest and recharging. It’s winter’s bleakest month – dark, barren, the weather outside most un-inviting. We’re all hiding under the warm covers yearning for spring.

Take a peek out the window. The sun is slowly, very slowly, starting to return. Each day is just a few minutes longer. As Mother Nature begins to warm up, all the little leaves, tiny sprigs and first flowers wake up. Tidbits of green suddenly pop out of everywhere, shifting the drab grey into a colorful new landscape.

That stirring of new life wakes us up as well - inspiring new ideas, hatching exciting plans, and elevating our spirits. Spring is bright with promise, brimming with hope for a better day – just as it has since time began.

New year, new season, a breath of fresh air. Woo hoo!


Spring fragrances are naturally light and fresh. Frolicking in the new grass, dancing playfully in the blooming garden, this season’s calling card is clean and pure, soft, sweet and pretty. These new scents are limited in production and available February thru April. ($ 4.50 each)

JASMINE LEMON – Soft and pretty, this blend of bright Meyer lemon and sweet jasmine flowers has been a favorite soap in seasons past and continues to be a very popular aromatic spray on our regular menu. A light butter yellow color, it will brighten up a dull shower, cheer up a dreary kitchen, or lift a cloudy day.

GRAPEFRUIT ORCHID  - All citrus scents revitalize and energize, but grapefruit is queen with its effervescent, mouth-puckering zest. Exotic orchid blossom softens and adds a gorgeous floral element that creates an irresistible fragrance that’s elegant and clean. Barely peach in color this soap is a new favorite.

LAVENDER ORANGE GOAT MILK – This has been a best seller for the last two years and has been requested over and over. Calming lavender and sunny clementine orange is a fragrance marriage made in heaven - softly floral and especially dreamy. Goat milk has an abundance of moisturizing and soothing properties, along with a special combination of vitamins and minerals that repair damage and boost skin health. Its alpha-hydroxy acids remove dead skin cells, leaving skin younger looking and more radiant. This bar is extra creamy, extremely gentle, and great for sensitive skin, anti-aging, and helpful for eczema and psoriasis conditions too. (100% natural)



Although they are available year round, these two aromatic sprays are the perfect accompaniment to Spring. JASMINE LEMON and LILAC GARDEN are fresh, romantic fragrances, lovely spritzers for everything imaginable. Delightful as a body spray, a happy scent for linens, rooms, closets, or cars, it’s a lovely pick-me-up for anywhere. Dance around the house spritzing the scent of spring-in-a-bottle and bring the season of hearts and flowers indoors. (4oz bottle $6.00


Seems like a good time to clear the decks and make space for what’s next on the menu. Dead Sea Bath Salts are 25% off this month – just $6.00 each. The spring floral scent of Sweet Pea is back for the season to boot! Lip Balms are on sale too – every flavor. They are 30% off this month at just $2.00 each


If you’ve got a special someone on your list for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or any other special spring occasion, peruse the website for great gift ideas.  There are charming little sets with bars of soap paired with dishes, brushes, sacks and scrubby mitts.  We also have larger combinations of products featuring the sprays, salts and other items too – a little something for everybody!

Wishing you a happy, hopeful spring – full of bright new promise and fresh starts.