Winter Holiday 2017


It’s the beginning of a new kind of winter for me in my new California home. Here it’s citrus season when ripe tangerines, oranges and lemons are falling off the trees. Instead of snowstorms or weeks of drizzling rain, there are outbursts of torrential downpours followed by sunshine and a warm afternoon.

But no matter the weather, one can’t help but feel the shift of seasons, a definitive sense of time marching forward, merrily accompanied by celebrations and rituals, family and friends.

It’s difficult to choose which moments of winter are the most special – the giddy anticipation, festive preparations and jolly activities of the holidays, or the quiet peace that comes afterwards. There is a hush of silence on a winter day, a gentle slowing down which eases us into the new year with more clarity and focus. Hibernation, with time to think and catch up on sleep, might be the most special gift of winter.

Winter Holiday Seasonal Soaps

Some of my very favorite things inspired the new wintry wonderful soap scents  -- for a little fun in the shower, or a treat for that special someone. ($4.50) 

Through the Woods  – “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go . . . “ Fresh evergreens of balsam, spruce, juniper, and fir, blended with warm, woodsy cedar. This is a heavenly fresh forest scent. Imagine being deep in the woods on a wintry day. Colored with nettle powder, it’s a gorgeous dark green. Bring the clean, pure, freshness of the outdoors into your shower. (100% natural soap)

Nutmeg Buttermilk – A delightful take on spiced eggnog, this soap is sweet and extra creamy. Buttermilk in the recipe provides lush moisturizing and a richer lather. The scent is pure spicy nutmeg, warm and delicious.

Frankincense & Myrrh – An ancient and revered holiday tradition these gifts from the Three Kings to the baby Jesus are aromatic tree resins which have been used for thousands of years as incense and healing oils. Together their fragrance is smoky, mysterious; a deep amber scent. It’s become one of my favorites – warm, comforting, earthy, woodsy. Little tendrils of sacred smokiness, like the inside of a church, waft through the room whenever I have this soap around. Vanilla bean powder is the colorant, making it a beautiful golden brown hue. It’s difficult to describe, but this scent seems to have a purpose: grounding and simplifying, it’s very presence connecting you back to what truly matters.

Winter Spice – Cardamom and clove are my two favorite spices in the world and I wanted to combine them for a holiday spice soap scent just for myself. Although those are the only two fragrance elements, this soap magically transformed into a more complex scent with notes of citrus, fresh cream and a crumble of sugar cookie.

Tis the Season of Giving and Sharing

It’s the time of year when we’re making our lists and checking them twice. Choosing the perfect gift doesn’t have to be a struggle. Even if you’re looking for a treasure that is unique, locally made, eco-friendly, useful and use-able too. Soapworks Studio’s small gifts of soap and bath goodies cover all the bases.  Everything is handmade in small, thoughtful batches, yet reasonably priced. 

•  The Helping Hands set is 5 of our most popular soap scents in mini 2 oz bars – a little sampler of our very best, and in the spirit of giving, 10% of the proceeds are donated to to help other women entrepreneurs in Third World countries build their own small businesses to support themselves and their families.

• Even a simple gift likes to get dressed up, especially at the holidays. We have pretty organza gift bags  - the perfect way to gift wrap your soaps, plus maybe a handy soap dish or comfy cotton scrubby, in a lovely palette of colors.  ($9.00-$13.00) And there are cotton totes to tuck in bath salts, a soap mitt, maybe a soap or two – and it charmingly sits right on your counter, decorative and useful too. (Several pre-made sets - $24) Or scallop-edge tuck boxes hold exactly four bars of soap. Tied with a festive ribbon, it’s a lovely finished gift. ($20.00) Every one of our gift ideas is completely customizable – choose the absolute perfect thing for everyone on your gift list.

• Give the gift of soap all year long with a Soapscription – our “soap of the month club”. Available in 3 month, 6 month or 1 year subscriptions, 2 bars of soap arrive at the start of each month for sudsing with our all newest and best bars.

Free Shipping on orders $100 or more

With so many demands on your time already, who wants the headaches of traffic jams, overcrowded malls, plus empty shelves once you get there?  Save yourself a mountain of frustration by shopping online at  We’re offering free shipping on orders of $100 or more too.

We’ll happily send your items directly to family and friends with gift cards too so you don’t need to take even more time gift wrapping, searching for boxes, or waiting in long lines at the post office. Spend more time celebrating and less time fretting - let Soapworks Studio be your secret weapon for holiday gifts!

Wishing you the most merry and bright holiday season!