Back Online!


Hi from California!

In case you missed the monumental news - I moved my home and business to Sacramento last month. I had to put a little "shut" sign on the website for a few weeks while I got up and running here in Sacramento. 

And I expected things to be a little bumpy at first, but instead I got severe turbulence with my internet service. I honestly don't know if this is for real now or not, but I'm hoping it's going to stay running for more than a day without crossed wires, down for days, and a mountain of excuses. Fingers crossed I'm back for good.

Limited Stock Right Now

So even though I'm open, I'm low in a number of soap scents. I also ran into some unexpected delays in the make-shift soap-making camp I've got set up in the garage. No water. A bit too much heat the first week or two. Back orders on supplies. I'm a couple weeks late from where I expected to be in inventory to truly get back on track. 

Just a reminder: soap takes 2-3 weeks of cure time before I can ship it off. I am making soap regularly now and expect to have missing scents and items back on the menu by the beginning of December. So if you're hoping to do some holiday shopping, please know that I'm working hard to be ready, and check back after the Winter Holiday newsletter arrives (Dec 1).

Winter Holiday Scents Arrive Dec 1
Due to the unexpected delays and snafus, I'm going to wait to do my big Winter Holiday newsletter with new soap scents and gift ideas until December 1st. I've got new ones waiting! Happy anticipation is one of the best things about the holidays, right?
November is the month of family, food, sharing and gratitude. I am tremendously thankful for your friendship, loyal support, and patience while I build my new little nest in California. I'm missing seeing all of you at my usual holiday shows this month too! It's strange and yet wonderful to have a November this quiet.
Sharing a toast of "we made it" with you . . .