Announcing Two New Accessories

We've added two new bath accessories to our regular menu: a round soap dish and a shorter handled body brush.

Our new round dish is 4 inches in diameter and fits a bar of our soap like a glove. The curved bottom with drain holes allows the soap to stay completely dry while it sits in the dish, thus prolonging the life of the bar. Constructed from natural beech wood with a long lasting finish, this soap dish is durable, with an attractive, natural look for your kitchen or bath. Felt pads on the bottom protect your counter tops. Also, it's adorable. Looks like a big button! ($4 ea)

Our new shorter handled body brush is a simple way to wash and clean your body and do a little massage at the same time. It's a fabulous way to exfoliate and rev up circulation for your entire body.  This style brush has a shorter, angled handle, making it easier for some people to maneuver, and handy for travel too. ($6 ea)

One of the best ways to eliminate cellulite and have healthy and radiant skin is by dry brushing each morning before showering.  Work the natural bristle brush head around in a circular pattern, moving from head to toe, while still dry. Then shower as usual. The extra circulation flushes toxins and diminishes lumpy cellulite areas. The exfoliation creates a softer, smoother, more radiant skin tone. For truly gorgeous skin, nothing beats this brush!

Just an added note:  if you are looking for a dry-brushing facial brush, this works beautifully.  It's the perfect softness and a nice generous size compared to some of the other models out there with tiny little heads.

For much more information about dry skin brushing, the full scoop on why and how to do it, see my "About" menu ("Dry Brush Skin").

Actual dimensions L 10 - W 3½ - H 1½.  Materials: natural bristles, hard beechwood handle.