Autumn Harvest 2016 Newsletter

The Autumn Harvest 2016 newsletter is here! Full text below. . .

Hello Friends,

Well there you are, plopped in your favorite summer spot, basking in the sun with a cool drink in hand, when you begin to notice that the lawn is mostly brown. And the leaves on the tree that were so green (wasn't it yesterday?) have begun to whither and drop. Like the spider webs popping up in every corner, the signs that autumn is on the way are unmistakable.

Fall always seems to be our shortest season, especially after a long, lazy summer. Arriving in a sharp gust of wind, a blast of rain, and a burst of breathtaking color, autumn kicks us square in the pants. As the natural world winds down, our schedules and activities march back into order. We head indoors once again, cozy and comfortable in our sense of place, ready to tend to family, home and hearth.

Autumn Harvest Seasonal Soaps

Autumn's cool, crisp air heightens our senses - the colors of fall leaves appear more vivid, the crunch of crackling leaves sound sharper, the bright sky looks even bluer, and the scents of the season are more delightful than you remembered. This year's Autumn Harvest soaps feature the very best fruits and spices of the season. ($4.50 each)

Rosehip Tangerine: Rosehips are the fruit of the rose plant, red berries that ripen in autumn. This citrus and fruit scent blend is sweet orange, a splash of tangerine, tart pomegranate and a pinch of delicate rose petals. Very posh, it's a beautiful new fragrance.

Cranberry Harvest: It's back - the highly coveted cranberry soap that people wait all year for. Tart cranberry, a splash of apple cider, plus a few other magical things, like cinnamon spices, orange peel, straw bales and plaid blankets. Well at least a couple of those things, but you'll be thinking of them all when sniffing this soap.

Pumpkin Cinnamon: Pumpkin, cinnamon and sugar are the best of friends. This much loved trio makes all your favorite fall treats - pies, cookies, cakes and that scrumptious latte too. This fragrance blend is fresh-picked pumpkin, yummy cinnamon spice, and sweet vanilla cream. It's made with real organic pumpkin puree too, adding loads of vitamins and nutrients for silky smooth skin. Yes, of course you'll want to eat it. Instead leave little bars of soap around the house - in powder rooms, guest bedrooms, the kitchen - leaving a whiff of that perfect fall pumpkin deliciousness all over the place.

 NEW - The Pacific Northwest Collection Of Soaps

If you've been following me awhile, you may remember that I made something similar long ago. But then you also know that things come and go around here. And the very best ideas come back around. This is one of those things – although updated and better than ever.

Inspired by the abundant natural beauty of our surroundings in the topmost corner of the west coast,I’ve created a boxed set of soaps - The Pacific Northwest Collection. A set of 4 small soaps (2 oz square size) the scents are: Rain, Forest, Mountain, and Sea - in lovely natural colors of white, green, brown and blue. The lush fragrances are splendid individually and in combination together, reminding us locals what we take for granted each day. If you want to share a sniff of our great outdoors with friends from afar, or you’re missing us from your last vacation here, this is the perfect gift. The natural kraft cardboard box holds them for safe travel, simple elegant labels explain the scents and ingredients. At just $10/set, share the Pacific Northwest far and wide. 

Dead Sea Bath Salts

What nicer way to pamper yourself on a dark, rainy, cold evening than a soak in a luscious hot bath? Dead Sea salts, with their amazing mineral benefits, silken skin, soothe aches, release stress and calm
jangled nerves. Three additional favorite autumn fragrances return: Rose Petals & Cardamom, Sweet Fig, Bourbon (Vanilla) Sandalwood, so there are more scents to luxuriate in! (16 oz bottle - $ 8)

The Shortest Season

Just a note about the seasonal products – like the fleeting colors of the fall leaves, the window of opportunity for our Autumn Harvest scents is short and sweet. The Winter Holiday menu arrives November 1st and is chock full of Christmas and holiday favorites, stocking stuffers and gifts. If you’ve
got a hankering for something mentioned here, don’t delay!

The next few months are jam-packed with craft shows, fairs and festivals. I’ll be doing what I can to bring the goodies to your neighborhood, up close and in person. Click on the “Events” tab on the website to see my calendar.

As always, I gratefully appreciate your loyal business throughout the year, and wish you a brilliant and abundant harvest season!