Sock it to me!


Happy New Year! A brand-spanking new sparkly new year! A blank slate with so much promise. All good stuff!

I'm deep into the planning and visioning of this next year and it occurred to me that I should let you guys chime in. I've put together a brief (really brief!) survey. Just a handful of questions which should take you about one minute, maybe two tops, to buzz through. This is your big chance to leave feedback anonymously, or give me a heads up about something you think I need to do, make, create. Or NOT do too!

Did I mention it's totally anonymous? There is no way for me to know who you are or where you live or anything, so be brutally honest. I'm a big girl. I can take it. And if I'm really trying to up the game over here, I need to know what you've got. Please take just a minute and CLICK THIS LINK to fill out my mini surevey.

Cheers to clean living in 2016!