Shopping Weekend Update

In the spirit of transparency, and because I just couldn't shove it under the rug anyway, I wanted to post an update about the earlier announcement that there would be shopping deals this weekend. Specifically "Small Business Saturday" (today) and Tuesday's "Give Back Tuesday." There won't be any of that happening, sorry to report.

November has exceeded all expectations and I've been caught short of soap inventory this week. Even though I planned much further in advance and made literally hundreds and hundreds more soaps than last year, I'm out of a number of scents the week. It would be foolish at this point to have a sale.

I am a soap factory, but a one human being factory with only so many hours in the day. I've been making soap batches daily and there is plenty more curing right now, ready to ship and sell at shows within the next week or two. I'm updating the website as quickly as possible with what's out of stock and what's back in, so check back often. Or contact me if you're looking for something specific or have a deadline.

Thank you so very much for gifting real soap for the holidays! And thank you for your patience too if you are still trying to do that very thing!! There will be lots more soap in December, ready for shipping, selling at shows, and gifting in time for Christmas. In the meantime, load up on the turkey leftovers and spend a little more time relaxing on the couch. Cheers!