French Lavender Spray

French Lavender Spray

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A companion spray to the French Lavender soap and the lavender sachets. It's a pure lavender oil mist, renowned for its mood altering qualities of soothing, calming and relaxing.

Lavender derives its name from "lavare" which means "to wash." The Romans were aware of its antiseptic effects and used it to cleanse wounds, adding it to bath water too. It's been used for centures as a strewing herb, to freshen homes with it's fragrance, to ward off bugs and vermin, and to antiseptically clean. It's been used on people too, for the treatment of skin ailments, bug bites, wounds, and generally freshening up and smelling lovely. Its physical and emotional effects are numerous -- from first aid, to skincare, to stress-related disorders like headaches and insomnia.

Great for freshening rooms, drawers and closets; misting pillows to aid sleep; as a skin and beauty care spray - from toning faces to soothing bug bites; a quick head-ache reliever; a spritz will even cool you down in an irritating traffic jam.

Ingredients: Purified water, lavender essential oil.

This is a 100% natural product!