Vanilla Bean & Honey Soap

Vanilla Bean & Honey Soap

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A luxe, classic vanilla warmed with a drizzle of golden honey. This dark vanilla bean hued soap is not too sweet or heavy - just the perfect meld of tantalizing flavors.

Vanilla, first grown in Mexico, was considered a gift from the gods. The world’s only edible orchid, vanilla grows on a vine and can only be pollinated by special small bees, hummingbirds or by hand in order to bear fruit – the vanilla bean.  It's intoxicating scent is warm, comfortin, calming and renowned as an aphrodisiac.

Ingredients: Olive oil, organic coconut oil, sustainably-grown palm oil, organic shea butter, fragrance.
Bar Size: 5 oz

Note: There is no colorant added to this soap, the dark vanilla bean color is an outcome of the natural vanillin content of the fragrance

Testimonial:  B.E. writes -  "I initially bought it because the smell was HEAVENLY to me, but then I brought it home and used it…. OH MY GOODNESS!!  I have THE WORST SKIN, adult acne and hard core t-zone oily spots and this soap has cleared me up!  Over the years, I’ve spent THOUSANDS on skin care / acne clearing soaps, from Clinique to Dermalogica to Wexler and Proactiv… you name it, I’ve tried it.  NOTHING has cleared my skin like the Vanilla and Honey soap."