Spring Has Sprung - 2019 Seasonals


Spring must feel like a million miles away for those of you freezing in the polar vortex this week. It sounds awful and we’re sorry that you’re having this struggle with the elements. Winter should definitely stay in it’s lane at the North Pole and not take vacations south.

Even though winter has taken an unexpected and dramatic turn, the seasons will, as always, begin to shift. A warming trend is on the horizon, full of hope and promise. It happens every year since eternity, and you can count on it to arrive this year too.

We can even see and feel it - the sun is slowly but surely making a come back. It wakes us up a few minutes earlier each morning and paints the most spectacular glowing sunsets just a bit later each evening. Those brilliant colors are just a teaser for the beautiful palette of blossoms on the way – pinks, oranges, lavenders in every hue.

Sprouts and flowers, green tendrils and the chirping of birds – the signs of spring are unmistakable and most welcome. As Mother Nature springs to life around us, it lifts our spirits, sparking inspiration and new plans. Everything is fresh and new, filled with possibility and determination. Spring is the season that makes our heart flutter, skip a beat, and fall deeply in love.


Spring fragrances are naturally light and fresh. Frolicking in the new grass, dancing playfully in the blooming garden, this season’s calling card is clean and pure, soft, sweet and pretty. These new scents are limited in production and available February thru April. ($ 4.50 each)

ALOE & CLOVER - Dew drops glistening on delicate clover leaves, a splash of fresh aloe vera, a hint of green tea – this scent is clean, fresh, leafy green, a harbinger of the sprouts and tender leaves about to burst from everywhere.

LAVENDER HONEY APRICOT – Pretty lavender flower mingles with a drizzle of warm honey and luscious apricot. This light purple bar is a sweet blend of floral and fruit, which perfectly captures the playful beauty of spring.

LEMON POPPYSEED – Wake up to sunny citrus. This soap has a soft, light, fresh lemonade scent with poppy seeds for gentle exfoliation. A lovely way to perk up your winter weary skin, leaving it rejuvenated and silky smooth.



Although they are available year round, these two aromatic sprays are the perfect accompaniment to Spring. JASMINE LEMON and LILAC GARDEN are fresh, romantic fragrances, lovely spritzers for everything imaginable. Delightful as a body spray, a happy scent for linens, rooms, closets, or cars, it’s a lovely pick-me-up for anywhere. Dance around the house spritzing the scent of spring-in-a-bottle and bring the season of hearts and flowers indoors. (4oz bottle $6.00)


If you’ve got a special someone on your mind for Valentine’s Day . . . or any other spring occasion, like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, bridal showers or graduations – we’ve got a gift item to make the celebration perfect. Who doesn’t love a little something that smells good, feels good, and they can use every day? Charming little sets with bars of soap paired with dishes, brushes, soap mitts or scrubby mitts. We also have larger combination of treats with aromatic sprays, bath salts, and other items too – a little something for everybody.

Wishing you a happy, hopeful spring! May the sun shine warmer and brighter wherever you are.