Autumn Harvest 2018


“Falling in love with fall” is a real thing. Autumn is the most favorite season for many of us. When we were kiddos, September and the start of the school season brought so much excitement and anticipation – new clothes, school supplies, classes and friends. 

That pattern continues as we get older - seeing fall as a beginning of things, a clean start marked by a new season. It helps us measure time, becoming a starting point for new projects or a bookmark for our memories. 

And then you add in the pure magic that autumn brings – the brilliant colors of leaves, the uniquely beautiful skies, and the abundance of all things harvest. It’s the season of comfort too. There is a sense of security when routines are back in place.  Sweater weather means softer, warmer clothes, flannel sheets and cozy blankets. As we head back indoors, there’s more time in the kitchen, with slow-cooked soups and stews or baked treats. Ultimately, fall is a homecoming. Back to where we came from, where we feel most comfortable, and where we dream of what’s to come.


Autumn’s cool, crisp air heightens our senses – the colors of fall leaves appear more vivid, the crunch of crackling leaves sound sharper, the bright sky looks even bluer, and the scents of the season are more delightful than you remembered. This year’s autumn harvest soaps feature the very best fruits and spices of the season. ($ 4.50 each)

Clove & Goat Milk: All the creamy, moisturizing, nourishing goodness of a luscious goat milk soap with the scent of clove.  It’s straight up clove – that unique spice that is both holiday homey warm at the same time it’s icy snowy cool too.  Can’t peel my nose off this one, I have to pick it up and sniff it every time I walk by.

Coconut Orange Cardamom: This is a delicious dreamsicle of a soap. Rich coconut milk, a touch of citrus, and beautiful cardamom spice blend together in a not-too-sweet, yet completely yummy fragrance. I made an experimental batch last spring and it sold out in minutes. The first bar everyone picked up and nobody put it down.

Fern & Moss: This light moss colored bar is absolutely fresh and so so clean. It’s a greenhouse garden of bright  green leaves, sun-warmed grass and crisp herb tendrils. Bottom line: it’s gorgeous – a sunny afternoon hike in the woods while inhaling deeply. My personal favorite this month.

Pumpkin Gingerbread: There is no way to celebrate autumn without pumpkin. This year’s version is less sweet but true pumpkin spice loveliness. Combining the best of everything, it’s traditional gingerbread full of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla and dark rum blended beautifully with fresh pumpkin.  And I’ve added a scoop of actual fresh organic pumpkin puree to the recipe, for loads of  skin nourishing vitamins and nutrients. A treat for both your skin and your senses. 

Vanilla Fig:  I adore figs. The fresh ones we are eating now (from two new trees we planted) are heavenly.  So it was my first choice for a fall scent. Scrumptious vanilla sugar, ripe fig, and candied rum are fruity and sweet, layered with notes of dark amber for a rich, balanced, fall harvest fragrance that is tempting and perfect. 

DEAD SEA BATH SALTSWhat nicer way to pamper yourself on a dark, rainy, cold evening than a soak in a luscious hot bath? Dead Sea salts, with their amazing mineral benefits, silken skin, soothe aches, release stress and calm jangled nerves. Three additional favorite autumn fragrances return: Rose Petals & Cardamom, Sweet Fig, Bourbon (Vanilla) Sandalwood, so there are more scents to luxuriate in! (16 oz bottle - $ 8)


Just a note about the seasonal products – like the fleeting colors of the fall leaves, the window of opportunity for our Autumn Harvest scents is short and sweet. The Winter Holiday menu arrives November 1stand is chock full of Christmas and holiday favorites, stocking stuffers and gifts. If you’ve got a hankering for something mentioned here, don’t delay!


It was just autumn of last year that I packed up my home and business, moving from Seattle to Sacramento. Since fall is the season of gratitude and thanks-giving, I want to let you know how much I appreciate your loyal support and continued online ordering that has given me the opportunity to go forward with this soap-making venture. I am deeply grateful for all the calls, notes, cheerleading and pep talks as I navigated how to keep this ship running. Wishing you all a brilliant abundant autumn season, with bright hopes for grand new dreams.