We're Moving to California

Hello Friends,


Big announcement! I am moving my home and business to Sacramento, CA in October.  Just as the weather begins to turn and the cycle of the seasons takes another dosey-do, so do the seasons of life take another twirl. It’s always a bittersweet moment, saying goodbye to one friend while you greet another. Excited for the new adventures and fresh beginnings, yet sad to end the dance here in Seattle.

I’ve been planning ways to make this transition as seamless as possible, keeping the business running as usual this month while we pack up and prepare. But there will be a bit of down time during October as I suspend the website and make the move. I hope to have everything back online at the beginning of November and ready for holiday sales through the end of the year.

This news will be a shock for many of you who only see me at shows, and I am sorry – I will miss seeing you also and hope we can still connect somehow. I am currently at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup through September 24th. And am looking forward to my last Pacific Northwest show at Salmon Days on October 7 & 8 in Issaquah. I am downsizing my inventory this month, so there may be smaller quantities of some items, but it’s all temporary. I’m not closing out anything and all items will be back in stock as soon as I can get unpacked and back in production.

For many of you, this will only be a slight hiccup because you order exclusively online. For all of you, everything should stay the same, even shipping times from California. If you will need a few soaps or items in October, just plan ahead and order before the deadline of Monday, Oct 2nd. We can still keep in touch on Facebook and Instagram, where I’ll probably have more time to play soon. If you aren’t already following me there, please do! I’ll be updating every step of the way so you don’t miss a thing.



This year’s autumn soap scents are repeats of last year and in more limited quantities, but I just couldn’t go through fall without making something seasonal. (There will be winter scents too in my next holiday newsletter in November.) This year’s autumn harvest soaps feature the very best fruits and spices of the season. ($ 4.50 each)

Pumpkin Cinnamon: Pumpkin, cinnamon and sugar are the best of friends. This much loved trio makes all your favorite fall treats – pies, cookies, cakes and that scrumptious latte too. This fragrance blend is fresh-picked pumpkin, yummy cinnamon spice, and sweet vanilla cream. Yes, of course you’ll want to eat it. Instead leave little bars of soap around the house - in powder rooms, guest bedrooms, the kitchen -leaving a whiff of that perfect fall pumpkin delicious-ness all over the place.

Cranberry Apple:  This is the highly coveted cranberry soap that people wait all year for. Tart cranberry, a splash of apple cider plus a few other magical things, like cinnamon spices, orange peel, straw bales and plaid blankets. Well at least of couple of those things, but you’ll be thinking of them all when sniffing this soap.

Anise: The sweet smell of licorice. This soap is also a favorite of fishermen as it not only masks the scent of human hands when handling lures, the smell actually attracts fish too. I make this just once a year during the Washington State Fair in September and it’s available for a very limited time. If licorice is your thing, stock up now.


As I clear out and pack up my beloved studio here, I am putting a few items on sale – hoping to lighten the load a bit. Dead Sea Bath Salts are $6 ea (Reg $8). Helping Hands sets are $10 ea (Reg $12). After the fair ends in the next couple of weeks, there may be more items. I will send a final reminder email a bit before I suspend the business (closing Monday 10/2), and any final clearance sales will be announced there and through social media. If you are not already on the email list, head over to the website at SoapworksStudio.com and sign up now so you’ll be in the loop and get the full scoop.

As always, I am truly grateful to have had your business, your friendship and your loyal support for so many years here in the Seattle area. And I would love to continue that relationship from my new headquarters a little farther south.

Wishing all of you a brilliant and abundant harvest season!