What's New for Spring 2017

Dear Friends,

There's a quote that says: "the day the Lord created hope was probably the same day He created spring." The long slog of winter, cold, grey days of rain, snow, and darkness have become tiresome. Will the birds, bees and flowers ever return? The first inklings of spring – the tiniest little buds on a branch, the playful chirping of birds, a ray of sun through the window brings a glimmer of hope that spring is tip-toeing in on little mouse feet .

We delight in the new life that is Spring. Fresh beginnings, bold plans, the light of a brighter day. As the bare trees and colorless earth suddenly sprout bright green, our moods lift and our hearts sing. Nature’s beauty and infinite wisdom inspire us to live life in full bloom.


Spring fragrances are naturally light and fresh. Frolicking in the new grass, dancing playfully in the blooming garden, this season’s calling card is clean and pure, soft, sweet and pretty. These new scents are limited in production and available March thru May. ($ 4.50 each)

PEONY PETALS – Peonies are one of my very favorite flowers of spring. The magnificent blossoms open up for a short display of rare beauty, and we can’t get enough of them. Barely blushed pink in color, this bar is both heavenly floral and freshly green at the same time. Gorgeous elegant orchids and lilies blend with leafy green notes. It’s stunningly beautiful and clean.

CHERRY BLOSSOMS- One of the most beloved and classic signs of spring - cherry trees breaking out into full bloom. This pure white bar is lightly floral and delicate. A bit of jasmine flower blends with freesia, sweet pea and fresh air, like the beautifully soft breeze on a warm spring day.

LAVENDER ORANGE GOAT MILK – Calming lavender and sunny clementine orange are a fragrance marriage made in heaven - softly floral and especially dreamy. Goat milk has an abundance of moisturizing and soothing properties, along with a special combination of vitamins and minerals that repair damage and boost skin health. Its alpha-hydroxy acids remove dead skin cells, leaving skin younger looking and more radiant. This bar is extra creamy, extremely gentle, and great for sensitive skin, anti-aging, and helpful for eczema and psoriasis conditions too. (100% natural)


Although they are available year round, these two aromatic sprays are the perfect accompaniment to Spring. JASMINE LEMON and LILAC GARDEN are fresh, romantic fragrances, lovely spritzers for everything imaginable. Delightful as a body spray, a happy scent for linens, rooms, closets, or cars, it’s a lovely pick-me-up for anywhere. Dance around the house spritzing the scent of spring-in-a-bottle and bring the season of hearts and flowers indoors. (4oz bottle $6.00)


We’re so excited to end the hibernation in the studio and get out to a few spring shows! We’re still finalizing summer schedules too. Check the site any time (“Events” button) for all the latest information, including booth locations .


Wishing you a happy, light-filled spring – full of love, love, love, new beginnings and fresh starts