Biggie Big Winter Sale

Ta Dah!! The one thing you've been waiting for: our biggie big winter clearance sale. Each January I put all the fall and winter seasonal products on sale. Fair warning, this past holiday rush was a whole lot rushier than usual and I kept selling out of almost every scent of soap I could make. As soon as I got a batch back on the website, it was sold out again. So inventories of everything are pretty low right now. In case you don't know, soap takes a few weeks to cure before it's ready to use/sell. I'm going to spend all of this coming month just getting back up to speed. But in the meantime, I'm putting the seasonal stuff on sale, just to clear out and make space for all the crazy good stuff we're going to do this year.

Shop right now because if you blink, you'll miss it and there will just be a few random bits left to fight over. Here's the link to the soap bars. Here's the link to the Holiday Spice spray (which, frankly, is pretty good all year and lasts forever). And here's the link to the bath salts and holiday sachets