Does your soap leave scum in my bathroom?

Good handmade soaps do leave a natural residue on bathroom surfaces, yes they do, it’s true. Especially if they have a little extra nutrient or moisturizing oils in them. Which is a good thing, because that's what makes a handmade soap so healthy for your skin and gives you that fresh, dewy, glow. Alligator skin is never a good look. Unless you're an alligator. 


If you are finding a bit of scum at the bottom of your tub or sink, it's an easy clean. Warm water and any basic cleanser will do the trick, which we find doesn’t take any more time and effort to clean the bathroom than usual. There are some great recipes online for DIY cleaning mixtures, which I'll link to at the bottom. Since I'm that kind of gal, the best recipe I've found uses half white vinegar and Dawn dish detergent. It cuts right through any muck and leaves glass shower doors gleaming. 

I will mention also that any body soap product that claims not to leave a residue is most likely a detergent, probably with a bunch of additives. If it’s stripping the natural oils of the soap off your bathroom sink, it’s certainly stripping it off your body too. This is definitely the case for the vast majority of liquid soaps too.

I get the attraction of not wanting to clean your bathroom. But if the trade-off is dosing yourself daily in chemicals, compromising your health, or having to over-compensate with a bunch of expensive creams and lotions, then that's a "no" for me.

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