Do you know what "Dry Brushing" is?

Have you heard the term "dry brushing" of your skin? If you've followed me for even a little while, you're probably already an expert, ha ha. 

But if you have no idea what I'm talking about, then settle in for a minute, because this stuff is good. 

Last year I did a two-part series on the original blog (What it is and How to do it). All of this good stuff was on the old web site too. And I realized over the last few weeks as I was talking about dry brushing with customers at shows, that I hadn't taken the time to put all the dry brushing goodness up on the new web site. 

Learn all about what dry skin brushing is and why it's the most important thing can you do for beautiful, glowing skin. Random Suds Blog | Soapworks Studio

I spent a lot of time writing up all the amazing benefits, what it does physically to your body, as well as your skin, plus a little instruction outline of how to actually do it. All of that great stuff is now located here on the new site, under the ABOUT tab.

If you're new to the concept, head over there now and catch up. You'll be astounded at how much benefit you can get out of this little habit. Like adding flossing to your tooth brushing, adding dry brushing to your morning shower can make a HUGe difference in your health and your glowing, radiant beauty.