Is this your first rodeo?

Hi! If you’re new to my site, or new to my blog, or just plain haven’t ever heard of me before, you might be wondering “wow, she’s hardly got any blog posts at all – is she new at this?”


Well I’m here to tell you that NO, this is not my first rodeo. In fact I’ve been making soapy stuff since September of 1996. And I’ve been blogging about it since January 2006. Oh yeah, I’ve been around the block a time or two.

I just created this brand new, fresh, gorgeous, can't-stop-looking-at-it website. (March 2015)

When I moved over to this pretty site from my older one, I wasn’t able to carry over all those years of blog posts. And to be honest, I didn’t want to. I wanted a fresh start in a new place. I wanted it clean and shiny and new. Kind of like buying all new furniture for your new dream house instead of dragging along all the hand-me-down stuff, like Granny’s antique sideboard, your cuz’s  battered leather couch, or the DIY bookshelves from your old dorm room.


But I didn’t throw it all away either. It’s still perfectly handy and informative - just parked at the old place, hanging out and waiting for a little friendly company from time to time. You can access the entire blog archive HERE.

It’s 1024 total blog posts over 10 years. That’s a lot of yakking and (over) sharing. And some of it is really good stuff. Of course there’s plenty of just average chatty stuff too. And quite a bit of announcing fairs, festivals and shows that were coming up, which are now long gone, so you can skip right past all that.

Want to catch up? Some of my most popular blog posts:

Dead Sea Salts - they are not dead. It's the whole scoop on what the Dead Sea is, what's the big deal, why they make the best salts in the world, and why that's what I use to make my bath salts with.

Or the full Monty about Sustainable Palm Oil - what that means, why it's so important, and why we made the switch in our recipe so that none of us has to feel bad about the  disappearing palm forests and the endangered orangutans.

What's my best seller? I've given away a little behind-the-scenes secret about which scent of soap bars is the most popular and top seller in my business. It's definitely not what you were expecting.

And I wrote up a 2-part series of blog posts all about dry brushing your skin. Have you heard about it? It's suddenly very popular - but it's not a trendy thing. It's been around for ages. And this tiny little habit could possibly turn back the clock on your skin, remove cellulite, vamp up your health, help you lose weight and so much more - it's a friggin' miracle.

Part 1 explains what dry brushing is and all the reasons why you totally want to start doing this. Like yesterday.

Part 2 was a little more explaining on how to do it, especially if you're not sure what the process is or which brush works best.

And strangely enough – this blog post titled “Random Porn” seemed to get the most views of all time. Hee.  Who would have thought?