Soaping With Salt

One of my new spring seasonal soaps is the Sea Salt soap. Which probably sounds weird if you haven't ever heard of salt soaps before. If you have heard of them, or even tried them, then you'll want to just head over and grab a bar of this heavenly scented lovely version, because mmmmmm, it's swoonie.

So the rest of you, you're thinking, what?! Why put salt into my soap? Isn't that crunchy? and what's with all the food in my shower?


Have you ever had a little tropical vacation and spent some time bobbing in the ocean waves? Surfing and sunning all day, and then when you get back to the casa and showered off, realized that your skin felt silky smooth and actually pretty great looking? That's not the mai tai's  talking. It's a real thing. The salt content in sea water is a pretty nice thing. Just by getting wet, it dissolves off dry and dead cells, leaving your skin a little smoother and fresher.

If you've only been in the pool, you know that the chlorine totally dries you out. You can't slather enough lotion on yourself while your skin cracks like the desert and your hair turns green. But splashing in the real waves? It's actually hydrating instead of drying. Our human bodies are made of up something crazy like 60% water and salt is the only mineral we digest, even absorbing it through our skin while we're floating away our stress.

Salt water has the added benefit of cleansing and rinsing off debris, bacteria, foreign toxins and the like, curing acne, cuts and wounds (even if a big one stings a little). No matter what you've got, sea salt water is going to heal your irritations.

So how do we get this fabulousness at home? Well, if you're a soaker, then the Dead Sea Bath Salts are a great way to surf for beauty in your bath tub. If you're like most people, you've only got the shower. THAT'S why we stuff the salt into your soap. A bit of sudsing with a salt bar gives you all the spa-like benefits of an ocean dip or a long soak in the mineral bath salts, just in the time it takes to belt out your favorite song in the shower.

February is as good a time as any to get salting yourself. Dry, pasty white, winter skin could use a little healthy glow right about now. Am I right?

And this one soap bar smells as good as it feels. Essential oils of lavender, rosemary, mint and thyme give it that irresistible luxury spa fragrance you can’t stop sniffing.

Just a couple more notes about this one, since it will be just a tad different from the other bars you're used to: 1) it is definitely smooth and not crunchy or scrubby feeling. The salt already dissolved in the soap recipe, and any residue will also dissolve immediately when it hits the water. 2) The suds will be salty tasting, in case you happen to lick some, or your kids start swearing like sailors. 3) It might not be my first choice for a leg-shaving soap, especially if you're prone to nicking your ankles. 4) It's still got great lather and lasts just as long, but sometimes the last little sliver will crumble apart as it gets down to the last salt crystals.

If you've had one of my previous salt bars and have comments, suggestions, tips, feel free to leave a comment. And if there is anything else I didn't cover, or you've got more questions, also drop it in the comment box below. I'd love to hear what you think of the salt soap craze!