Lip-Smacking Lip Balm Set

Lip-Smacking Lip Balm Set

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So many yummy delicious flavors of lip balm that you can't decide which one? Or would you like to share a few of your very favorite flavors with a friend? We've put together little pouches of 3 lip balms in several options. Choose from one of the following:

Berry-licious: Blackberry Pomegranate, Raspberry Soda & Strawberry Rose
Sunny Delight: Coconut Lemon, Vanilla Tangerine, Raspberry Soda
Girlie Girl: Lavender Vanilla, Vanilla Tangerine, Strawberry Rose
Tasty Treats: Sweet Mint, Root Beer, Coconut Lemon

Don't see your fave three on that list? We can absolutely do custom combos! Just add in the 3 of your choice.

Full list of flavors to choose from: Blackberry Pomegranate, Coconut Lemon, Lavender Vanilla, Raspberry Soda, Root Beer, Strawberry Rose, Sweet Mint, Vanilla Tangerine and Watermelon.