Spring News!

After a long winter’s nap, we’re ready to come out of hibernation. Ready to ditch the cold weather, the months of grey skies, the seemingly endless rain. Every time we venture outside we’re peering around looking for even the tiniest sign of new life, wishing so very much that spring is just around the corner and about to pop.

Spring’s promise is hope. New life, big plans, fresh beginnings - both in nature and for our own lives too. Winter’s quiet allowed us to rest and contemplate, sowing the seeds for a new year. But now we’re eager to jump in and get our hands dirty. As the light returns and days grow warmer, our own very essence yawns, stretches, and soaks its face in the sunlight, breathing deeply. Cue the hearts and flowers, the chicks and bunnies, the seedlings, sprouts and most of all the lovely blossoms everywhere shouting “spring is here!”


Spring fragrances are naturally light and fresh. Frolicking in the new grass, dancing playfully in the blooming garden, this season’s calling card is clean and pure, soft, sweet and pretty. These new scents are limited in production and available February thru May. ($ 4.50 each)

HONEY APRICOT- Apricots are so perfect – blushing golden, not too sweet, yet intense flavor. This soap is luscious apricot fruit sweetened with a drizzle of honey. It’s a delightful treat to brighten up your shower on an early spring day, and a warm peach color.

SWEET PEA – Delicate and fresh, heavenly little sweet pea vines are adored for their beautiful fragrance in spring gardens. This spring soap is absolutely gorgeous and petal perfect. It’s a pretty pink bar and pure floral romance.

LEMON POPPY SEED – A soft, pretty, herbal lemon – more Lemon Verbena or Lemon Balm rather than a tart pucker. Poppy seeds give it a gentle exfoliation, an energizing way to rev up your winter weary skin, leaving it rejuvenated and silky smooth. (100% natural)

LAVENDER ORANGE GOAT MILK – Calming lavender and sunny clementine orange are a fragrance marriage made in heaven - softly floral and especially dreamy. Goat milk has an abundance of moisturizing and soothing properties, along with a special combination of vitamins and minerals that repair damage and boost skin health. Its alpha-hydroxy acids remove dead skin cells, leaving skin younger looking and more radiant. This bar is extra creamy, extremely gentle, and great for sensitive skin, anti-aging, and helpful for eczema and psoriasis conditions too. (100% natural)


Although they are available year round, these two aromatic sprays are the perfect accompaniment to Spring. JASMINE LEMON and LILAC GARDEN are fresh, romantic fragrances, lovely spritzers for everything imaginable. Delightful as a body spray, a happy scent for linens, rooms, closets, or cars, it’s a lovely pick-me-up for anywhere. Dance around the house spritzing the scent of spring-in-a-bottle and bring the season of hearts and flowers indoors. (4oz bottle $6.00)


We introduced this seasonal scent last year and it’s too good not to bring it back for a bit. A match to the new SWEET PEA spring soap scent, it is a heavenly, fresh floral. It’s always a good time for a soak. Maybe you just need a little quiet time to yourself. But you’ll be getting so much more – stress soothed away, muscle tension relaxed, softer smoother skin, and healthy detoxing too. These salts, packed with minerals, are comforts for body and soul. (16 oz bottle $8.00)


It’s still early in the year - we’re just getting started with show applications, jurying, and scheduling.  This is what we’ve got so far! We will update the website just as quickly as we get notifications, confirmations and contracts. Check the site any time (“Events” button) for all the latest information, including booth locations.

April 9-10       Best of the Northwest – Spring Show
                       Hangar 30, Magnuson Park, Seattle

April 14 - 17    Spring Fair at the Washington State Fair
                       Artists in Action area - located in the Hobby Hall
                       Puyallup Fairgrounds
                       Thurs 2-10, Fri & Sat 10-10, Sun 10-8

Apr 15 - 17      Tulip Festival Street Fair
                       Downtown Mount Vernon
                       Fri & Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5