Summer Newsletter is here!

The Summer Newsletter 2015 just went out to the subscriber lists, and I like to post it on the blog too, just to cover all the bases. Full text below . . .

Hi Ho Happy Campers,

The magic of summer is how it makes us all feel like kids again. Remember that moment when the school bell rang for the last time?  Everyone raced across the playground and out the gates for wahoo! summer vacation! Summer seemed so endless we could hardly figure out what to do with ourselves, we had so much time on our hands.

But one thing we knew for sure, it was probably going to involve water - and a whole bunch of splashing. Body surfing at the beach, throwing rocks in the river next to camp, water gun battles, canoeing on the lake, belly flopping in the pool, or just plain running through the sprinklers – bonus points if there is a slippery slide.

You can have the best kind of fun in the water. Why shouldn’t we have a little of that in our morning showers too?


Summer splashing gets better with fun new scents to suds around in. These unique soaps are only available for the next few months and are made in limited production.  ($4.50 each)


Beach House – After a couple of seasons, this little number has quickly become the most beloved soap of summer. A dreamy blend of salty ocean air, pretty lavender and green herbs, this scent is clean and light as a breeze.  With a Zen-like calm, its soothing marine fragrance and beautiful translucent sea glass color transports you directly to the spa.  If I had a little seaside cottage, I’d have piles of these in every room.

Green Smoothie – Healthy fruit and veggie goodness is blended into one super, delicious soap. Spinach powder and spirulina give this soap a gorgeous bright green color loaded with chlorophyll, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory antioxidants too. Scented with fresh squeezed lime and orange, it’s zesty and citrusy.  Give your skin a boost of thirst-quenching vitality! (100% natural)

Cucumber Yogurt Mint – This soap is packed with fresh ingredients. Juicy whole cucumbers and real organic yogurt calm, cool, and hydrate skin. Soothing Aloe Vera oil and avocado oil are easily absorbed into the skin, adding great moisturizing and healing benefits to the creamy coolness.  Great for sunburns, dry skin, and a dreamy facial soap, it has a mild, crisp scent of mint and bay laurel. (100% natural)

Lemon Ginger Carrot – Bright, sparkly, almost effervescent, this is a blast of citrus - sweet orange, lemon and lemongrass - blended with spicy ginger for a scent that is like liquid sunshine. We’ve oomphed up the superfood in this one. Loaded with rich organic coconut milk, carrot powder, acerola powder and carrot extract, it’s super moisturizing formula is full of vitamin C and beta carotene, plus a host of other essential nutrients and antioxidants which are especially good for mature or dry skin. (100% natural)



Summer is the perfect season to indulge in one of the aromatic sprays.  Keep a bottle in the fridge for a little spritz of icy cool on your neck or décolletage.  Spray a little bit of happy on your summer sundresses, fresh sheets, steamy car seats, or stinky dog.  This superhero stuff goes anywhere and everywhere, making the world smell a little more beautiful, one squirt at a time. (4 oz bottle, $6.00)

Beach House – A match to the soap, it’s a dreamy blend of salty ocean air, pretty lavender and green herbs, clean and light as a breeze.  With a zen-like calm, its soothing marine fragrance transports you directly to a cozy beach cottage (or a high end spa!).

Coconut Lemongrass – started out as a seasonal scent but it’s been so popular that we kept it on the regular menu all year. Summer is the time to truly bask in it! Tropical creamy coconut with a squeeze of tart lemon, you’ll be dreaming of Piña Coladas, and poolside with an umbrella drink in your hand within seconds. 



We’ve added a boatload of new gift set ideas to the website. Because when you absolutely love something, you just want to share it with everyone you know, right? There are fun new fabric totes that you can stuff with a whole collection of items – it’s that perfect size that can hold a lot or a little. The Gardener’s Gift set has wonderful new colorful gloves, ready for the start of gardening season. Need just one bar with a pretty little pouch? Interested in a lip-smacking set of lip balms? How about a duo of skin softening balms? We’ve got you covered. Plus we’ve added the option of Gift Certificates too, so your choosy friends can pick their own favorite items. You can find them all under “Gift Sets” below the “Shop” tab.


The arrival of summer means a hot new season of outdoor street fairs and art festivals. I’ve got an exciting season planned and looking forward to meeting and seeing you all. For the full list, including dates, times, booth locations, links and more, check out the “Events” tab.  Last minute announcements are posted on Facebook, so check there too. 

Swimsuits all day. Flip flops and sandy toes. Wahoo!