Soap Sack

Soap Sack

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Made from soft cotton boucle material, this handy scrubber is the soul mate for a bar of Soapworks Studio soap. It's the perfect fit for one of our bars, creates tons of lather, and gives any bar an extra scrub.

Originally it was designed to make use of all those little soap slivers that usually get thrown away.  Just collect the soap ends in the bag, using them up as you go along.  So very economical.

It's great for travel too!  Or lose the soap dish and just leave your new bar of soap in the sack, hanging from faucet - no muss, no fuss.  It's a great soap plus washcloth device all in one.  These can also be tossed in the washer and dryer between uses.

Actual dimensions L 5 x W 4.25 x H .25