Soap Mitt

Soap Mitt

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These beautiful soap mitts are so handy - a washcloth that fits your hand like a mitten, so no flopping or dropping! Use as a hand mitt for rub-a-dub scrubbing, or as a soap bag for holding bars and saving scraps. Creates wonderful lather too.  Made of ramie but looks and feels almost exactly the same as the cotton boucle soap sack in texture.

Ramie is a soft textile made from a flowering plant with the same name, and has been grown especially for textile use since ancient times.  It's one of the three main textiles that were used in the creation of mummys in ancient Egypt.  Ramie's soft, natural fibers make it perfect for exfoliation, yet durable and long wearing, even after numerous washes.  Can be put in both the washer and dryer between uses.

These have gotten rave reviews for babies, pets, bath aficionados, shower people, older folks - everyone loves 'em!

Actual dimensions: 8.25" (L) x 5" (W)